Robert D. Hoover | Fort Worth Attorney

Robert D. Hoover is a trusted Fort Worth attorney known for his compassionate counsel and his thorough understanding of family law as it applies to the state of Texas. He cares deeply about his clients and desires nothing more than to help them through painful situations, including divorce and separation. Clients greatly appreciate his caring nature and his extensive knowledge. From mediation to litigation, he is a great advocate to have at your side.

Service Area

Although Robert D. Hoover’s law firm is located in Fort Worth, he serves clients residing throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding suburbs. His practice area includes the entirety of Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties.

Practice Areas

Robert D. Hoover’s law firm is entirely dedicated to family law. He is passionate about the couples and families of his community, and desires to help them through hard times. As a family lawyer, he handles a vast array of legal matters, including child custody, child support, division of property, separation agreements, pre and postnuptial agreements, and more.


Family law cases are, by nature, complex and emotional. If not handled with care, these cases can destroy families and have a lasting impact on both the affected children and adults. Robert Hoover understands the emotional trauma experienced by his clients and he works hard to ease this burden, while also ensuring that the emotions connected to the cases he handles do not stand in the way of favorable long-term solutions. Always eager to establish a spirit of cooperation, Robert Hoover and his clients pursue mediation and collaborative divorce whenever possible and most of the time he is able to settle cases out of court. However, in some circumstances, litigation may be unavoidable. If litigation is deemed necessary, Robert Hoover is willing to serve as a strong advocate and provide the aggressive representation needed for success in a trial setting.

Robert D. Hoover: Compassionate Family Counsel

No matter how complicated your divorce or separation may seem, it is possible to make it through this difficult time with the help of a trusted family attorney. Robert D. Hoover provides the perfect combination of compassionate legal counsel and proactive representation. His efforts have allowed numerous clients to arrive at satisfactory arrangements without experiencing the stress and anxiety typically associated with the divorce process. Whether you are currently in the midst of the divorce process or require assistance with another family matter, it is in your best interest to get in touch with Robert D. Hoover.

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