When people have Family Law issues that need resolution, an alternative to Litigation that also can save time, money and reduce the emotional toll of disputes is Mediation. Clients who work with Fort Worth, TX, Family Law Attorney Robert D. Hoover have discovered that this alternative method of problem solving is a very effective way to obtain agreement between various parties of a dispute.

Dallas/Fort Worth Mediation Lawyer

Mediation takes place in a confidential setting, including all parties of the dispute. The meeting is conducted by a trained Mediator, Attorney Robert D. Hoover, who understands the complex issues that are part of any type of dispute. Finding compatible solutions that all parties can agree upon may take some time, but this is where Robert’s experience is highly beneficial and can expedite the process.

Mediation is an alternative problem-solving method that minimizes the harm that can arise from unregulated disagreement. The Mediator acts as a third party who helps find points of agreement that can lead to resolution of the problem. They are not a judge, but they do participate actively in the process. This option is generally voluntary; in some cases, a judge will order couples to try Mediation to resolve disputes. The parties involved are not forced into any agreements; they make their own decisions.

Family Law items that often are resolved through Mediation include:

  • Divorce/Separation – matters that affect personal and financial well-being of a couple.
  • Child Custody/Support – making decisions about care and support of minor children.
  • Visitation/Rights – planning care of minor children and fair parental responsibilities.
  • Enforcement Issues – non-payment matters and other issues of responsibility when a couple is no longer together.
  • Property & Asset Division – agreements and disclosures of property and assets.
  • General Disputes – solve problems early, before they escalate into litigation.

Relationships require constant care and attention. When there are disputes, it takes time, attention and care to reach satisfactory agreements for change or modifications. Mediation is an excellent way to resolve disputes instead of resorting to other legal options like Litigation.

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