Child Custody

Child custody is often the most contentious legal issue surrounding divorce; a child custody battle can quickly tear a family apart and have a lasting impact on both the parents and the children. The goal, then, of any child custody arrangement should be to come to a favorable arrangement in as amicable a manner as possible.

Robert D. Hoover possesses the unique ability to foster a spirit of cooperation when working with divorcing couples. Although he aims to minimize conflict while helping his clients make necessary child custody arrangements, he recognizes that litigation is sometimes necessary — and in such cases, he provides strong advocacy in court. Whether your preferred approach involves mediation, collaboration, or litigation, you can count on Robert Hoover for compassionate legal support.


In Texas, conservatorship involves the ability of parents to make appropriate decisions regarding their childrens’ schooling, medical care, and more. If sole managing conservatorship is granted, only one parent is allowed to make these decisions. Parents with joint managing conservatorships are encouraged to arrive at important decisions together. Conservatorship does not always reflect the amount of time each parent spends with their children, although time together can play a role in the court’s ultimate conservatorship decision. If one of the parents is believed to have a history of violent or criminal activity, the other parent may be designated the sole managing conservator.

Possession and Access

Divorcing spouses often disagree not only about managing conservatorship, but also the amount of time children spend with each parent. In Texas, this concept is referred to as possession and access. Custody proceedings typically include standard possession orders (SPOs), which involve schedules for each parent’s time with their children.

Robert D. Hoover: Trustworthy Family Representation

Whether your goal is to obtain sole managing conservatorship of your child or to split all parenting rights and duties, you can benefit from Robert D. Hoover’s counsel. Robert Hoover understands Texas’ complex child custody regulations, which differ in many respects from child custody laws in other states. He can help cooperating parents develop parenting plans, or, in more contentious cases, he can help his clients ensure that the appropriate party is designated sole managing conservator. Regardless of the nature of your divorce or legal separation, it is important to seek guidance from a trusted child custody lawyer. Reach out to Robert D. Hoover to learn more about child custody in the state of Texas.

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